Young Voters & Absentee Ballots

If there is an 18-24 year-old D or I voter in your house, you probably got a phone message recently about voting in the Tuesday, 11/4/14 election. That’s because many in this age-group fail to vote because it’s not on their radar until too late. Because many are away from “home” studying, traveling or working, they cannot vote in person and need to arrange to vote by mail. Voting via Absentee Ballots is easy but there are required steps which take time to accomplish.

First step is to register to vote. If already registered, next is to apply for an absentee ballot. This can be done in person at Montco Voter Services or via USPS by mailing in a completed request form. The address in Norristown is on form. Using the form, the voter designates where his/her ballot should be sent (email address or FAX if overseas or military or PO address anywhere in US). Depending on date of application, ballots are sent beginning late Sept or early Oct. Keep an eye out for a white envelope with blue & red writing. With the ballot are instructions and everything needed to vote except a stamp. Vote the ballot and make sure it’s back in Norristown by 10/31/14. That’s it. With the help of our young voters we can assure Tom Corbett a well-deserved retirement from government.

Marjorie Berlinghof

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