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Thanks to the 150+ voters from UD and Horsham who attended the PETITION PARTY Wed 2/21 at Operating Engineers Local. It was the largest crowd ever! Signatures filled many petitions. Candidates and staff were blown away by the enthusiasm and commitment of AREA 6 voters. Office Holders present: Madeleine Dean, State Rep #153; Valerie Arkoosh, Commissioner of Montgomery County; Ken Lawrence, Commissioner of Montgomery County; Ann Thornburg Weiss, Clerk of Courts, Montgomery County; Dr. Michael Milbourne, Coroner, Montgomery County; Joanne Oleszewski, Jury Commissioner, Montgomery County; Jeanne Sorg, Mayor of Ambler & Recorder of Deeds, Montgomery County; Robert McGuckin, UD Commissioner Ward 7; Gary Scarpello, UD Commissioner Ward 3; Veronica Hill-Milbourne, Horsham Commissioner; Bill Gallagher, Horsham Commissioner; Art Levinowitz, President, UD School Board; Sara Johnson Rothman, Vice-President UD School Board;Mark Sirota, UD School Board; Titia Scherpbier, UD School Board; Amy Francek, UD School Board; Joan Ryder Ludwig, UD School Board; Stan Ropski, UD School Board; Jennifer Wilson, Hatboro- Horsham School Board; Turea Hutson, President, Norristown School Board; Mike Klein, UD Tax Collector. 2018 Candidates Present: Shira Goodman, Congress #4 Madeleine Dean, Congress #4, State Rep #153 Maria Colett, State Senate #12 Sara Johnson Rothman, State Rep #151 Daryl Boling, State Rep #152 Patrick Eddis, State Committee Rachel Hendricks, State Committee Greg Holt, State Committee Turea Hutson, State Committee Tom Kohler, State Committee Joann Olszewski, State Committee Carlton Stuart, State Committee A VERY BIG THANKS TO OUR 3 NOTARIES WHO DONATED TIME & EXPERTISE: Julie Kollar, Mike Klein and Mary Winslow
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