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Madeline Dean Solution to winning two nominations: (US Congressional district # 4  and PA House district 153rd )
   Many primary voters had questions about the PA #153 state house seat which is currently held by State Rep Madeleine Dean.  This seat includes all of Abington  and 6  precincts in Upper Dublin:  5-1, 5-2, 5-3, 4-2, 4-3 and 2-3. Recently the Chair of the Abington-Rockledge Democrats, Michael Barbiero, explained to attendees of the June meeting of the Upper Dublin Democratic Committee what the likely scenario for #153 would be. Madeleine will finish her current term which ends 1/1/19, but will remove her name from the 2018 November 6 ballot for re-election.  She cannot hold both offices, state rep and congress,  for which she is currently the nominee, and will decline to run for re-election in the 153rd.  She will  put all her effort into becoming the Congressperson for PA #4, the newly created Montgomery County district.  PA #4 is considered a safe Democratic seat based on party  registration of the constituents.  Madeleine received a healthy 72% of the Democratic vote in the May 15, 2018 primary.  It is anticipated that after the primary results become officially certified, sometime soon, that Madeleine will remove her name from nomination for PA #153 and the Democratic party will assume the task of naming a  replacement candidate.    The deadline for this to be accomplished is  August 13. Already a committee of party officials is being assembled to determine the process of replacing Madeleine on the ballot.  People interested in being considered for the candidacy are getting their names out to constituents, writing resumes and speeches, and boning up on issues in anticipation of interviews.  Assuming the process will be similar to when Dean was named Democratic candidate in 2012 to fill the 153rd when Josh Shapiro resigned to become Chair of Montgomery County Commissioners, interested persons will submit resumes, be interviewed and the selection committee will make recommendations to the overall body of committee people in the 153rd. Committee People, 12 from UD and 76  from Abington, will ultimately vote on who should receive the party nomination. Unlike 2012, there will be no special election necessary and no lapse in representation. The 153rd is  considered a safe Democratic seat. In the recent primary, the Democrat received more than 5,000 more votes than the Republican.